Your Dominant’s Responsibilities To His Submissive – #TheTrainingOfO


Ich poste das mal „as is“, weil es einfach mal die Wahrheit ist, so grundsätzlich.

In the interest of trying to help those new to dominance better understand the core concepts that I try to convey with what it means to be an Ethical Dominance, I thought I would share with my readers Section One, Article One of every D/s agreement I’ve ever written:

  • Your Dominant’s Responsibilities to His Submissive: The essential responsibility of the dominant to always do that which is in the best interest of his submissive. He is therefor ultimately responsible for being attentive to every aspect of his submissive’s happiness, safety, and growth, both as a submissive, and as a person. It is the submissive’s right to expect that her dominant will always do so. He is to earn, maintain, and grow his submissive’s level of trust and respect for him by being attentive to her every need. He is responsible for being stern in his enforcement of the pre-agreed upon rules, and when necessary, the application of punishment. Your dominant may not arbitrarily inflict punishment; there must be pre-agreed upon, established cause. Your dominant may not, under any circumstance, inflict injury of any kind; physical, mental, or emotional. Your dominant is required to consistently reward good behavior with positive verbal and physical affirmation.

And that’s it. It’s not about sex. It’s not about degradation. IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. It’s not about anything other than providing.

Now listen, I screw up. Usually in really small ways, but sometimes in big ways too. I’m human, it happens. But I would never deny that humanity, and I’ve never been too big to be the first to apologize, and take responsibility, and I’ve always sought to demonstrate that I’ve grown by consistently displaying a better model.

So guys, if you’re aspiring to dominance, understand that you can’t make it about you. It’s got to be about her. And when you’re considering a submissive, make sure that you choose one who will make it about you.

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