#TheTrainingOfO – English Version

Recently I have been asked to reveal all my secrets and try to explain things in english for foreign readers. To my opinion, well, you only need to get in contact with me via eMail for instance (and the best instance) and I will help you out on this issue.

But for this one time I will give it a try … you never know what it’s good for 😉

#TheTrainingOfO is a concept considering female subs (I only do female subs!) wanting to live the „O“-experience somehow, someway, somewhere, sometime. The main rule for being/living as an „O“ in general is following the „consensual non-consensual“ lifestyle. This means it is me to lead and the sub to obey completely without asking or hesitation.

But as me as The Dominant and the female as The Submissive are human beings in first instance we need to built a trustful D/s-Relationship in first row before we can begin to live life more extremely.

The first step is to get in contact and there are several ways to do this (eMail, WhatsApp, Direct Messages on Twitter) and tell me about your thoughts. We will have a chit chat to see if we are talking about the same thing and if my D/s applies to your D/s-Phantasies. If this is done for good I will have a talk with my wife about you.

Hirnventrikel and I will decide together (as partners in an open relationship, she is not my Submissive only) and if things are okay it will be an honour for me to invite The Submissive for having a coffee in a secure place one on one. If this date was fine it will be The Submissive to ask for the next step. Because if we feel we cannot „work“ together there will no next step.

The next step would be to have a Dinner date together with my wife and The Submissive or only with my wife and The Submissive. As a Submissive my wife has to challenge with other females in my life, but as my wife – she has not. She wants to get to know The Submissive more close to have a good feeling about her, because she just wants to know which Submissive wants to suck her husband’s dick for good. If my wife is fine with The Submissive she will feedback this to her and The Submissive needs to do the next step.

Visiting this blog you see the „Application #CircleOfFalbalus form“ and The Submissive shall fill out this form with valid data about herself. This application will be discussed within the #CircleOfFalbalus but it is my choice only to accept the application or not. This may sound a bit technical or formal, but I am a formal guy … take it as it is.

I do not want The Submissive to just step by to get fucked from time to time. The Submissive will be trained according to her needs and realistic possibilities. And I want The Submissive to be a proud member of the #CircleOfFalbalus for years and not just for some months.

First Line: The Apprentice

Within a period of about one year The Apprentice and I are working on our D/s-Relationship deeply and get close to built trust. She will learn about things I need and things that will come up, when she wants to get further.

Second Line: The Submissive

This part may last longer (1-2 years). The Submissive will be trained more on things she learned and possible punishments for disobeying will be harder. The Submissive will have spotlights on living as „O“ so she can decide better for applying to become an „O“.

Third Line: The „O“

After The Submissive has done the necessary tests and applied on her own will, she will become my property and will start living „consensual – non-consensual“ without any doubt.

The Audience should know that you cannot start living as „O“ right from the spot. Living as „O“ needs to have a fully funcional D/s-Relationship working. The Apprentice has a lot of possibilities to influence the D/s, The Submissive may discuss things with a bit less influence whereas „O“ has no safeword and no influence anymore.

In order to really love being „O“ a female needs to have full trust into me and I think this 3some-way is a good challenge to grow into being „O“.

In general an owned Submissive can be given to me to walk this path as well. Charges may apply on this for the relevant Dominant.

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